Banana Muffins

  I always thought this receipe would be one of the first ones I put up on this blog and I’m surprised it’s taken me this long. That’s because these banana muffins are so quick to make and you can’t really go wrong with this easy receipe and even vary it slightly if you like […]

Berry Bircher Müsli

We have summer! It’s been such a long wait this year that it is worth me mentioning this. We’ve had 3 days of sun in a row with about 25-30 degrees and it’s been great. In this weather I like to use my balcony for breakfast – it gets the sun in the mornings, which […]


  What is a Duffin, I hear you ask? The answer is: a donut-like muffin! I hadn’t heard of them either until the other week when I was reviewing a café near Holborn , who had a tray of freshly baked ‘Duffins’ on their counter. I was instantly intrigued by the sweet smelling muffins rolled […]