It’s been a bad week for Britain. The Brexit vote brought a lot of racism and ‘idiocracy’ to the country I have lived in for most of my adult life, so much so that I think it may be time to move…

Luckily I’ll always have some good memories of Britain too, many of them featuring food, such as tasty Yorkshire Puddings! I’m mentioning them in particular as these crumpies here reminded me of them somehow. Maybe because they are made in an oiled muffin tin or maybe because the receipe by Jamie Oliver, who also has a good receipe for Yorkshire Puddings.

They are quickly made and you may even have all the ingredients for them in your kitchen cupboard already. You can top them with sweet jam or savoury cheese and should eat them when they are still warm, fresh out of the oven.

For 12 crumpies you’ll need

  • a little vegetable oil
  • 500 g strong bread flour
  • 1 tsp caster sugar
  • 1 x 7 g sachet easy action yeast
  • 2 tsps salt
  • a good pinch of bicarbonate of soda

Preheat the oven to 170°C/325°F/gas 3 and grease a 12-hole muffin tin with some vegetable oil.

Place all the other ingredients in a bowl and pour in 600ml of tepid water. The water needs to be warm enough to activate the yeast, but not so hot that it kills it. 

Whisk everything together until you’ve got a loose batter that is just combined – this should only take a few seconds. Leave to stand for 10 minutes to let the yeast do its job.

When the mixture is a spoonable, sticky consistency, but still quite wet, spoon it into the muffin tin. Fill each hole until it’s almost level with the top of the tin and cook for around 35 minutes, or until the crumpies are risen and golden.

Remove to a wire rack for a few minutes to cool slightly, then serve while still warm with anything you fancy.

Receipe by Jamie Oliver.

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