Welcome to my blog!

I’m a foodie, who loves baking and all things sweet. I thought of writing a blog as my friends often ask me for recipes, which I collect from all over the place, such as my vast array of cookbooks and magazines, my German gran and of course other food blogs.

My friends also always suggest that I should open a breakfast cafe (or tea room)…maybe some day, for now I just like long breakfasts whenever time allows and they therefore often turn into brunches.

What I like most for my brunch are sweet pancakes, waffles, muffins and cakes. Yep, nothing’s wrong with the occasional cake first thing in the morning! Admittedly, some may be a bit rich in calories and sugar but don’t be put off, they’re a treat. And, just think, if you’re having them for brunch you’re saving one meal that day, so it’s not as bad as having afternoon tea on top of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you’re not be able to face sweet treats, such as cupcakes or sweet pies, first thing in the morning you can course enjoy them any other time instead, for dessert for example.

As a Berliner, who has lived in London for over a decade and loves New York City, all three cities influence my cooking & baking. I also like to try and keep seasons in mind for my cooking – strawberries in the deepest winter won’t do it for me.

In a few months when I’ve had sweet brunches every week I might have to throw in the odd Eggs Benedict or salmon bagel and occasionally, I may get brunch cooked for me in a nice restaurant, which I might then review for you. Both will be the exception though!

Well, I hope you enjoy my blog and find inspiration from my brunch delights.

This blog is a little hobby for me but I also take photos professionally and if you would like to see some samples of these, please have a look here http://jaelm.format.com/

Thanks for reading,

Copyright Notice
All photos are taken by my me unless otherwise stated…the above photo was taken by Jessica Marschner

6 thoughts on “About

  1. What a wonderful site. Brilliant and well done you. Will share it with everyone I know – or most, who are internet savvy. All recipes far too yummy… Will need a sponsored run, walk or cycle to work it all off. Love Nx

  2. Jael!! This is so you! The site looks great and I may even be tempted on some of those recipes!!!! You always were able to make your food look gorgeous. You’d love the food in Cambodia, I’ve had the most unreal curries and also shakes, my favorite being fresh coconut and lime! Divine! Looking forward to seeing the updates on here!

  3. Having tried and tested the Rhubarb muffins I can fully recommend them! The passion-fruit and coconut upside down cupcakes are next on my list, keep em coming… x

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