Lemon Drizzle Cake

Anyone for some lemon cake? Apparently, someone in my circle of London friends always is. At least that’s what I’ll assume as this lemon cake seems to be one of my most popular cakes here and whenever I make it, people compliment me for it. To be honest, I don’t quite actually quite know why, […]

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

I’m back! Having spend most of the last three months in NY (with a visit to Botswana in between), I am now back in my own kitchen, here in London. I have to admit, that I did become one of those New Yorkers who doesn’t bother cooking or baking. But why would you when the […]

Toasted Banana Bread with Maple Mascarpone and Plum Compote

It’s been too long since my last post but things have been a bit busy for me lately as I have temporarily moved to NYC for a couple of months, which is very exciting. NYC is a food lover’s heaven! I am based in Brooklyn and the two local shops down the road, delis, as […]

Lemon Courgette Cake

After volunteering in Botswana earlier this year I am going back in October to see some of the kids in the school I worked at again and to help setting up some more orphan projects with a group of volunteers and therefore I have started ‘baking for charity’ again. I am getting involved hands on, […]

Baked Cheesecake with Passion Fruit

For the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of having a houseguest: the lovely Annelise came over – all the way from New Zealand! We’ve known each other for over 10 years, when we met as she and her husband lived in the Big Smoke at the time. A lot has changed since […]