Cranberry & Orange Scones

Despite the months long silence, I am still here! Having moved to Berlin where I started photographing for someone else’s blog I have very much neglected my own little blog here but I don’t want to quit bringing you sweetest brunch ideas just yet. So I will try to get back into more regular posts […]

Protein Pancakes

To make up for my recent quiet period, I thought I’d post two receipes in one week! I’m still trying to be a little more healthy than usual and decided to make some protein pancakes. I have made oat based pancakes before and also tried out a few cottage cheese pancakes, such as the blueberry one you […]

Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

This is all a bit of a cheat… To start with, these mini cakes are not even really brownie bites but rather little brownie based mini cupcakes. Furthermore, even I wouldn’t really eat these kind of sweet treats for breakfast or brunch – they are just too small! No, of course not. In fact, they […]