Hot Chocolate (Mexican Style)

I hope you’re all having a nice holiday season so far! It’s about two weeks until Christmas and I’m getting into the mood. In Germany, we celebrate the “Adventszeit” in the run up to Christmas with an “Adventskranz”, a wreath with four candles that get lit up in the four Sundays in the run up […]

Blueberry and Creme Fraiche Waffles

An Austrian friend of mine recently told me how the forests where he is from in Austria are full of wild blueberries this summer. It had been raining a lot which brought them out en force – he said there are so many that you get blue feet just by walking through the forest!  I […]

French Toast Soufflé

It’s taken me over 8 posts to feature French Toast  – but here at post number 9 it is! Well, French Toast of sorts, as I decided to try out a French Toast Soufflé which I came across on another blog (see below). Most of my readers will know how to make basic French Toast. […]