Chocolate Tiramisu

Tiramisu for in the morning – yes, please! I know it’s rich and rather fancy to have tiramisu in the morning but sometimes you need an extra ‘pick-up’ and that’s what tiramisu is all about.  A translation of tiramisu would be along the lines of ‘ pick me up’ or even ‘wake me up’ and […]

Overnight Carrot & Apple Breakfast Rolls

I probably mentioned before that I often shy away from yeast bakes. It’s because of the dough rising (or rather not rising) which I have had trouble with before (or maybe I just ran out of patience). But fear is here to overcome, so I keep challenging myself with more yeast based doughs and try […]

American Waffles with Blueberry Compote

I love Belgian Waffles – those thick, square yeasty ones. Sadly, I can’t really make those in my little waffle iron at home, as that one is for the thinner German ones. Still, I wanted to try out a waffle receipe with yeast anyway, as yeasty waffles are also quite American (I think!) and the […]