Protein Pancakes

To make up for my recent quiet period, I thought I’d post two receipes in one week! I’m still trying to be a little more healthy than usual and decided to make some protein pancakes. I have made oat based pancakes before and also tried out a few cottage cheese pancakes, such as the blueberry one you […]

Greek Yoghurt Pancakes

Happy New Year my dear readers! Since it’s January and everyone is on a bit of a health kick I was thinking of posting a super healthy and energy boosting receipe as the first one in 2015 here but… I’m not. Maybe for my next post I will but for this one I ended up making pancakes as I wanted […]

Cheese Blintzes

Next week is pancake day in England! This reminded me that it’s about time I put up another pancake receipe and here you are. As I was looking through my fridge to see what kind of pancakes I could make, I found some ricotta and decided I would use it to make some cheese blintzes […]

Coconut Pancakes with Mango

I’m back in New York right now but I have one more post from my time in Berlin – funnily enough it is featuring American pancakes. I made these for my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday breakfast when we were all in Berlin this summer. We liked the idea of some fresh mango with our breakfast pancakes […]

Blueberry and Cottage Cheese Pancakes

I fear that all these sweet brunches start showing on my hips soon and with summer just around the corner this is not good news! The good news though is that this concern made me look for recipes with less calories, less fat and less sugar and I shall share some with you. As my […]

Pumpkin Pancakes with Bananas & Cinnamon Syrup

It’s pumpkin time! With Halloween around the corner pumpkins are starting to pop up in every shop and market right now. I’m not that big on Halloween but I do like a nice orange pumpkin and all the things that can be made with it And with American Thanksgiving not that far off – and […]

Oat Pancakes with Plum Compote

The plum is the fruit that rings autumn in for me. And the ones I really like and look forward to baking with are the oval shaped purple plums, as opposed to the round yellowish ones you seem to get everywhere. In my opinion, the purple ones have more flavour – maybe not as sweet […]