Berry Bircher Müsli

We have summer! It’s been such a long wait this year that it is worth me mentioning this. We’ve had 3 days of sun in a row with about 25-30 degrees and it’s been great. In this weather I like to use my balcony for breakfast – it gets the sun in the mornings, which […]

Guilt Free Strawberry Muffins

It’s time for another healthy breakfast, some low-cal, low- fat, low-(or even no) sugar strawberry muffins. The strawberry season in England is well and truly upon us, with Wimbledon just around the corner, and the strawberries are at their best right now. This simple that receipe I found on the Dashing Dish blog doesn’t include […]

Christmas Cranberry & Almond Cakes

Frohe Weihnachten! I am writing this from Germany where I am spending Christmas with my family. Here, Christmas has already started as today is Christmas Eve and that is the day where we go to church, have a special Christmas dinner and get to open the presents with which the children get to play until […]

Honey Waffles with Blackberries

HONEY WAFFLES WITH BLACKBERRIES When blackberries are in season and ripe, they can be almost as sweet as raspberries and much juicier! When they are at their perfect ripeness they are best eaten straight away, without turning them into a crumble or baking them in a cake. If you’re lucky to live in the countryside […]