Carrot Cake

  So, I was going to present you with healthy chocolate cake for this post. I had found a recipe for one that had little sugar, cocoa powder instead of chocolate, plain yoghurt and no butter. All this should have probably been a warning sign to me… because what came out of the oven was […]

Poppy Seed Pancakes with “Saucy Oranges”

I just can’t get enough of pancakes, it seems. After about four months of blogging, this is already the fourth time that I am telling you about another pancake recipe. I guess, it’s not that surprising as pancakes make such a satisfying brunch – they are yummy and quick and easy to make! Another reason […]

Warming and Healthy Quinoa

Happy New Year! I thought it would be good to start the new year with something healthy. Don’t worry it wont last long, I like my sugary treats too much to become a full time health fanatic. However, some so called super foods have successfully found their way in to my kitchen and gluten free […]