Orange flavoured Rice Pudding

I have been away on a three week long shoot in NY and then snowed under with the post production for it…so I have been too busy to post anything for a while, as you may have noticed. But I’m going to make up for it by making some new treats of new receipes I […]

Apple Custard Tarts

As it’s still apple time, I thought I’d give you one more receipe with apples. It’s a bit of a cheat’s receipe as instead of making the tarts fully from scratch, you can use ready made puff pastry – the one that comes rolled up and can be found in fridge sections of most supermarkets […]

Baked Rhubarb Custard Pots

  A few weeks ago, I got very excited when, for the first time this year, I found a cart full of  pink and green bunches of tender springtime rhubarb at my local farmers market. That same weekend was also the first time this year that we had a proper sunny Sunday, which meant it […]